COVID-19 Information


Does IT Nation have an official COVID-19 Statement?

For on-going, updated information, please visit our official page


Are there plans to cancel IT Nation Evolve?

ConnectWise is continuing to monitor the effects of the COVID-19 . We continue to take our direction from global, federal and local health officials, like the WHO and CDC.  Taking this into much consideration, Evolve has decided to cancel the onsite events that were scheduled in April and May.


Would IT Nation Evolve be postponed to a later date in 2020?

At this time we have now moved H1 SEPG and Q2 Dallas Virtual.  Onsite has been cancelled.

Thank you everyone for your patience as we work through all of this.

NA Quarterly and Service Exec. Events

2020 - NA - Q2 Dallas - Cancelled Onsite - Going Virtual
May 4-8th, 2020
Registration is required so we can add you to the virtual zoom meetings.

6:30 - 7:00 AM Morning Devotions (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday/Wednesday devotions 7:30-8:00AM)
MON/TUES GROUPS                                                   THUR/FRI GROUPS
May 4-5th                                                                                       May 7-8th 
Group Facilitator Meeting Room Lunch & Learn Group Facilitator Meeting Room Lunch & Learn
Evolve3-301 Pete Sorensen Zoom Evolve2-301 Connie Arentson Zoom
Evolve3-303 Steve Riat Zoom Evolve2-302 Chris Brown Zoom
Evolve3-304 Jeff Wood Zoom Evolve2-303 Laurie Sorensen Zoom
Evolve3-305 Andre Gilmore Zoom Evolve2-304 Connie Arentson Zoom
Evolve3-308 Connie Arentson Zoom Evolve2-305 Connie Arentson Zoom
Evolve3-309 Rich Anderson Zoom Evolve3-302 Brad Schow Zoom
Evolve3-311 Todd Sieger  Zoom Evolve3-306 Dan Paquette Zoom
Evolve3-312 Dan Saxby Zoom Evolve3-307 Rich Anderson Zoom
Evolve3-314 Dan Paquette Zoom Evolve3-310 Lloyd Wolf Zoom
Evolve3-315 Lloyd Wolf Zoom Evolve3-313 Jeff Wood Zoom
Evolve3-316 Bob Gentzler Zoom Evolve3-319 Andre Gilmore Zoom
Evolve3-317 Chris Brown Zoom Evolve3-320 Steve Riat Zoom
Evolve3-318 Arlin Sorensen Zoom Evolve3-321 Aaron Boone Zoom
Evolve3-325 Robert Cioffi Zoom Evolve3-322 Scott Scrogin Zoom
Evolve3-336 Aaron Boone Zoom Evolve3-323 Rich Anderson Zoom
CFO Group Chris Brown Zoom Evolve3-324 Arlin Sorensen Zoom
Evolve3-328 Dan Saxby Zoom
Evolve3-331 Brad Kowerchuk Zoom
Evolve3-334 Todd Sieger Zoom
Evolve3-SP301 Lori Berry Zoom
Evolve3-SP302 John Gaillard  Zoom

NA EVOLVE Q2 - Agenda
Wednesday - May 6th  
8:00 - 8:30 PM Evolve Update Virtual
8:30 - 5:30 PM

Certify for Sales - Will be virtual, link coming soon...


This track focuses on the sales, communication and  management side of cybersecurity, providing a structured path from the foundation session to bolster selling confidence and tying together the solutions with the challenges. Attendees will learn how to conduct a risk assessment and have the risk management conversation, as well as problem solving and objection handling that surfaces during the sales process. The track concludes with a proctored exam.


2020 - NA - Q3 Denver Hilton Denver Inverness Hotel August 3-7th 2020

2020 - NA - H1 Service Groups
Location: Virtual
Day 1 - 8:00am - 5:00pm)
Day 2 - 7:30am-3:30pm)
Day 1 - 8:00am - 5:00pm)
Day 2 - 7:30am-3:30pm)
MAR 30-31st APR 2-3rd

Group # Facilitator Meeting Room Group # Facilitator Meeting Room
SE301 Jim Eddy/Buddy Martin Zoom SE303 Brad Schow Zoom
SE302 Brad Schow Zoom SE304 Buddy Martin Zoom
SE305 Andre Gilmore Zoom SE307 Andre Gilmore Zoom
SE306 Buddy Martin/Stephen Tracy Zoom SE309 Connie Arentson Zoom
SE308 Connie Arentson Zoom SE311 Rob LaFave Zoom
SE310 Rob LaFave Zoom SE312 Pete Sholts Zoom
MA301 Arlin Sorensen Zoom SE313 Reyna Monson Zoom
SE315 Jim Eddy/Stephen Tracy Zoom
Hosted Guests Joddey Hicks Zoom

Service Exec. Agenda

EST Day 1 Day 2
10:00am Session 1 (Combination Large group and Peer Groups) Session 4 (Large group presentations)
11:30am Break (30 minutes) Break (30 minutes)
12:00pm Session 2 (Combination Large group and Peer Groups) Session 5 (Peer Groups)
1:30pm Break (60 minutes) Break (60 minutes)
2:30pm Session 3 (Peer Group) Session 6 (Peer Groups)
4:00pm Day 1 End Day 2 End

8:00am - 5:30pm Track 1: Certify Fundamentals for Engineers
- All-Day course with set breaks and lunch window
- Security ABC's   (Awareness, Behavior,   Culture), 
-The Security Journey -Introduction to new NIST for MSP's-Cybersecurity Controls
-A Secure onboarding process-How do i build my stack?-Apply security architecture principles
-Risk Management and Assessments
-Malware Analysis Concepts-Intrusion Detection Concepts
-Incident Response Planning

H2 2020  - October 5-8th
Hilton Chicago/Oak Brook Hills Resort & Conference Center   Chicago, IL