NA Events

M&A Peer Groups

June 29-30th, 2020


Day 1 Day 2
10:00 AM Welcome/Check in 10:00 AM Aha Moment from Yesterday
The M&A Landscape - what's happening One thing discussion
Company Updates 11:30 AM Break
11:30 AM Break 12:00 PM Creative finance techniques
12:00 PM Company Updates
12:45 PM The Five Nines Story 1:30 PM Break
1:30 PM Break 2:15 PM Company's lessons learned
2:15 PM What we are looking for in an acquisition target Parking Board/One Things
4:30 PM Wrap up day one and dismiss! 4:30 PM Wrap Up

Quarterly Owners Peer Groups

2020 - NA - Q3 Denver

August 3-7th, 2020
Hilton Denver Inverness Hotel

Mon-Tue  /  Thur/Fri
Devotions: 6:30 - 7:00 AM (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
Peer Groups - 8-5pm each day

Wednesday - August 5th 
Coming soon....

Evolve Peer Groups

MON/TUES GROUPS                                                                 THUR/FRI GROUPS
AUG 3-4th                                                                                     AUG 6-7th 
Group Facilitator Meeting Room Lunch & Learn Group Facilitator Meeting Room Lunch & Learn
Evolve3-301 Pete Sorensen Evolve2-301 Connie Arentson
Evolve3-303 Steve Riat Evolve2-302 Chris Brown
Evolve3-304 Jeff Wood Evolve2-303 Laurie Sorensen
Evolve3-305 Andre Gilmore Evolve2-304 Connie Arentson
Evolve3-308 Connie Arentson Evolve2-305 Connie Arentson
Evolve3-309 Rich Anderson Evolve3-302 Brad Schow
Evolve3-311 Todd Sieger  Evolve3-306 Dan Paquette
Evolve3-312 Dan Saxby Evolve3-307 Rich Anderson
Evolve3-314 Dan Paquette Evolve3-310 Lloyd Wolf
Evolve3-315 Lloyd Wolf Evolve3-313 Jeff Wood
Evolve3-316 Bob Gentzler Evolve3-319 Andre Gilmore
Evolve3-317 Chris Brown Evolve3-320 Steve Riat
Evolve3-318 Arlin Sorensen Evolve3-321 Aaron Boone
Evolve3-325 Robert Cioffi Evolve3-322 Scott Scrogin
Evolve3-336 Aaron Boone Evolve3-323 Rich Anderson
CFO Group Chris Brown Evolve3-324 Arlin Sorensen
Evolve3-328 Dan Saxby
Evolve3-331 Brad Kowerchuk
Evolve3-334 Todd Sieger
Evolve3-SP301 Lori Berry
Evolve3-SP302 John Gaillard 

Service Exec. Peer Groups

2020 - NA -H2 2020 Service Groups - October 5-8th
Location: Hilton Chicago/Oak Brook Hills Resort & Conference Center   Chicago, IL
Day 1 - 8:00am - 5:00pm)
Day 2 - 7:30am-3:30pm)
Day 1 - 8:00am - 5:00pm)
Day 2 - 7:30am-3:30pm)
OCT 5-6th OCT 7-8th

Group # Facilitator Meeting Room Group # Facilitator Meeting Room
SE301 Jim Eddy/Buddy Martin SE303 Brad Schow
SE302 Brad Schow SE304 Buddy Martin
SE305 Andre Gilmore SE307 Andre Gilmore
SE306 Buddy Martin/Stephen Tracy SE309 Connie Arentson
SE308 Connie Arentson SE311 Rob LaFave
SE310 Rob LaFave SE312 Pete Sholts
MA301 Arlin Sorensen SE313 Reyna Monson
SE315 Jim Eddy/Stephen Tracy
Hosted Guests Joddey Hicks

Service Exec. Agenda

  Coming soon....