2020 Meeting Days

Platform Instructions:

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There are 3 important items you need to know about this Platform:
1.  Login to the Platform to make sure you don’t have any issues logging in before your meeting.  If you need to change your password please reset at this time before your meeting.


Enter your email address for your username and password.  Click "Forgot Password" if you want to change it and you will receive an email from nttevents@theonlinexpo.com to create a custom password.

If you have any technical issues you can call Tech Support at 773-645-4877 or email me at pcole@connectwise.com to help get you the support you need.

 2. Your zoom link for your Peer Group Meeting is in the theater(click on theater)

 3. All Session/Community Day link  - your Day 1 is in the theater (click on theater)

2020 Vendor Sponsors

COVID-19 Information


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