• POSTED | Did you miss the webinar with S-LI?

    Last Friday's webinar with S-LI is now ready for viewing. 

    There are two links:

    Click here for the PPT deck

  • WEBINAR | STRATOZEN: How to Provide Cybersecurity and Compliance to Larger Customers

    Larger organizations with several hundred or thousands of employees can be a lucrative source of revenue for cybersecurity and compliance services. But many MSPs struggle to sell services to these larger companies. In this informative webinar, StratoZen will discuss how to successfully sell cybersecurity and compliance services into larger customers to maximize your revenue and margins.

    Specifically, we'll cover:
    •   Why larger companies need Service Providers for cybersecurity and compliance
    •   What solutions these customers look for and how you can offer them
    •   How even small MSPs can successfully sell to large organizations
    •   The best methods to position your solutions to these companies
    DATE: December 13, 2018 | TIME: 1:00pm EST
  • WEBINAR | S-LI: Unlock the Power of the Balance Sheet

    In this final webinar of the 2018 series by Service Leadership for HTG members, you'll learn the power of the Balance Sheet:
    • Why this financial statement can be more important than your Income statement.

    • What are the components of the Balance Sheet, and what do they mean?

    • What are the key ratios for Balance Sheet metrics, what is BIC and what is dangerous?

    • What outcomes must my business achieve to strengthen my Balance Sheet?

    • I’ve heard the Balance Sheet stays with the Seller in a sale of the business. Is this true, and if so, what does that mean?

    When: Friday, December 7 | 12:00-1:00pm CST

    Q4 is just a few weeks away! Watch as Brad and Pete cover everything you need to know before heading over to Orlando. This will be a packed seven days that we can't wait to share with you!

    Please reach out to your facilitator with any questions. 
    See you soon!
    <3 HTG
  • UPCOMING WEBINAR | Dark Web Monitoring with ID Agent

    The spark to ignite interest in your security offerings + ID Agent integrates with ConnectWise!

    Join VP of Business Development Matt Solomon and VP of Partner Success Dan Tomaszewski as they share success stories coming directly from HTG members and other ID Agent MSP Partners.  Also learn about ID Agent’s new ConnectWise Integration that will automate your Dark Web alerting capability to your customers, providing your team greater efficiency, situational awareness and productivity.

     When: Tuesday, October 30th | 2 pm EST
  • September - The Voice

    Hello HTG'ers! 

    The latest issue of The Voice was released. Please follow the links below. 

    North America
  • Did you miss last week's webinar with S-LI?

    You can still watch last week's webinar on Top 5 Metrics to Manage for High Performance with SLI if you missed it!  

    All future webinars will be posted on the Service Leadership Inc. page under the Resources tab here on the Hub.
  • Haven’t registered for IT Nation yet?

    Don’t miss out on 3 days of networking, inspired sessions, and industry insights to help you plan for 2019 and beyond! Browse our breakout sessions to see content for your specific role here!

    Register today, and use code HTG100 for $100 discount!
  • August - The Voice

    Stay in the know with the latest issue of HTG's The Voice! Find registration links, upcoming webinars, and much more!
  • Register for Q4 in Orlando!

    Join us for a Q4 we won't forget with all HTG regions meeting together! It will be an exciting week with our Aussie Barbie & Trivia Night and Community Day.

    Community Day Agenda

    Registration cutoff: October 22
    Hotel cutoff: October 18
  • Have you Registered for H2?

    Service and Sales Executives- Have you registered for your H2 event?

    Click on your region to register! 

    EMEA:  20-24 August 
    North America: October 15-19
    APAC:  3-7 December (Reg has not yet opened)
  • Livestream the ConnectWise Session Tomorrow!

    Hey HTG'ers! If you haven't heard, we are livestreaming the ConnectWise Session during Community Day! 

    North America
    When: Wednesday, August 1
    Time: 8am MT

    When: Thursday, 2 August 
    Time: 12:00 AEST - Sydney

    When: Wednesday, 1 August 
    Time: 15:00 BST - London


    Password: HTGQ3!
  • HTG Soirée Hosted by IT Glue- Q3 Denver

    Join us for an evening of fun, games, food, & craft beer! 

    When: Tuesday, July 31st 
    Time: 6-9pm
    Location: On-site in the Atrium at Q3 Denver Marriott Tech Center Hotel

    ***You MUST register to attend
  • Learn to grow your security revenue - SOPHOS Webinar

    Join this session to learn about the latest malware trends — and how to stop them. Learn about the latest techniques cyber criminals are using to infiltrate organizations, steal data, and spread threats. Discover how to grow your security revenue by providing customers with proven protection against ransomware, exploits and other nasties.

    When: Thu, Jul 19, 2018
    Time: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CDT
  • Q3 Denver Registration Ends Today!

    Good morning HTG'ers! Today is the last day to register for Q3 without incurring a late fee!  Please follow the link below. See ya soon!.
  • Have you registered for Q3 in Denver?

    With the holiday around the corner, don't forget to register and book your hotel for Q3 in Denver! 

    Hotel cutoff: Saturday, July 8th
    Reg cutoff: Sunday, July 9th

    *We are at a new hotel this year!
  • Don't Forget! HTG & Legacy: Planning Today to Enjoy Tomorrow

    Join HTG Founder Arlin Sorensen and HTG Financial Coach Chris Brown as they talk about planning your own legacy.

    Time: Jun 27, 2018 1:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)
  • MyGlue Webinar Every Thursday in June

    WHEN: Thursday at 10 am PDT June 14th or 21st 
  • Webinar #3 - LEGACY: Planning Today to Enjoy Tomorrow

    Join us for this final of three webinars on legacy planning on Wednesday, June 27, 2018 at 1:00pm CST. In this session, HTG Founder Arlin Sorensen will be joined by HTG Financial Coach Chris Brown. You will obtain insights on planning your own legacy and hear about how two simple numbers can put you in a good position financially to fund your legacy plans.
  • Webinar | SLI: Future Trends of Best-in-Class MSPs

    Join Paul Dippell of Service Leadership, for this unique view into the next moves being considered and pursued by those who are objectively best-in-class. This webcast is exclusive to active HTG members and will provide insights we’re not delivering elsewhere. Register now – seats are limited!

    Time: June 8, 2018 12:00pm CST
  • HTG & Legacy: Protecting Your Team and Family Well

    Join us for this second of three webinars on legacy planning on Wednesday, May 23, 2018 at 1:00pm CST. In this session, HTG Founder Arlin Sorensen will be joined by veteran peer group member Kyle Elworthy. You will obtain insights on planning your own legacy and hear a case study of how one HTG member learned about the importance of legacy.
  • Know Before You Go - Q2 in Dallas!

    Hey HTG'ers! We are one week away from our Q2 Meeting in Dallas. 

    Check out this video so you can "Know Before You Go!"
  • IT Glue Soiree Q2 Dallas

    IT Glue is hosting a night of Texas fun on Tuesday, May 1st. Spots are limited, so register today!
  • Discount to Attend IT Nation Europe!

    Looking to attend IT Nation Europe? Make sure to get £100 off with the code ​​ITNE18HTG.
  • Upcoming HTG-SLI Webinar- April 18th

    Hey HTG'ers!  

    You should have received a recent email inviting you to the upcoming HTG-SLI webinar on April 18th. 

    Make the investment to join Paul Dippell, founder and CEO of Service Leadership, as he dives deeper into the S-LI Five Year Chart you received on January 31, strategies for exit planning, and how to positively impact your value creation today.

  • March - The Voice

    Did you catch the March edition of The Voice? Each region has a specific issue this month, tailored to your Q2 Community Day. Check them out here!

    North America 
  • Don't Miss Your Chance to Attend the Service Summit for FREE in Chicago!

    Are you in the Chicago area and curious about HTG's service and sales peer groups? Join us for one day to attend our Service Summit! Session topics include:
    • Innovation in Service by Scott Scrogin
    • Stages of Service Department Growth by Brad Schow
    • Sales Focused Session by Joddey Hicks
    • Finance by Andre Gilmore and Connie Arentson
    • Automation by Jordan Silva
    • Service Delivery, Buddy Martin
    • Culture, Dan Saxby
    • Leadership by Israel Lang
    Find the full agenda here!

    Registration cutoff is March 19th!
  • Have you registered for the Sales | Service Peer Groups?

    Hey HTG'ers! Don't forget to register for the Service | Sales peer group meetings in Chicago, April 9-13! 

    Deadlines are quickly approaching: 
    March 9th- hotel cutoff
    March 19th- reg cutoff 

    If you do not register by March 19th, you will be charged a late fee of $100 that will be donated to our Hands That Give Program.
  • The Voice- February 2018

    Did you receive the latest edition of the HTG newsletter, The Voice? Hear from ConnectWise, SLI, and HTG Leadership! You will also find upcoming dates for registration.  

    If you do not receive our newsletters, please notify Kaitlin Johnson,
  • Did you miss seeing Arnie & Arlin at Q1?

    Watch the message from Arnie Bellini and Arlin Sorensen and see how ConnectWise/HTG plan to co-create a great future together for our members!
  • Q1 Phoenix - You're invited!

    You're invited to an evening of fun, casino games, and delicious food and drinks at the home of IT Glue's CEO, Chris Day.

    Tuesday, Jan 30th: 7-11pm 

    Busses will shuttle back and forth from the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak to the party between 6:30 and 11pm.

    If you're already registered for Q1 and have taken the assessment, thank you!

    If you haven't yet, please take a moment to register and complete the online assessment. We're developing customized content specifically designed to help you transform your business in 2018.
  • It's Official! HTG has Joined the ConnectWise Family!

    HTG has taken a BIG step to become integrated with the ConnectWise ecoysystem to continue our vision of helping TSPs thrive in the marketplace. We are beyond excited to begin this new journey together.
  • Shark Tank Is Due Jan. 5th!

    Hey HTG'ers- If you are planning to submit your Marketing Plan to Shark Tank, all submissions are due January 5th. Please email them to Becky Teal,
  • Grow leadership skills and curve jump in 2018

    Join us in Phoenix as we launch our 2018 Tranformational Leadership series.

    Check out the breakout topics here.

    And register now to get entered to win 'Lunch with Larry!'
  • Will you be a Shark Tank finalist?

    Submit your marketing proposal by Jan 5th to Becky Teal!
  • NA-Phoenix is just around the corner!

    We are less than 45 days away from fun in the sun in Q1! Have you registered and booked your hotel?

    Hotel cutoff date Jan 4th
    Reg. cutoff date Jan 8th