How Pax8 & ConnectWise Are Taking Their Relationship to the Next Level

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Extra, extra, read all about it – Pax8 now FULLY integrates with ConnectWise. This means ConnectWise users can now purchase Pax8 cloud solutions, services, and licenses without ever leaving the ConnectWise portal.

Whether you want to place orders, increase seat counts, update agreements, or import customer products, you can now conduct all this Pax8 business right inside your handy, dandy ConnectWise instance.

Imagine how much time that could save you each day. No more tabbing back and forth between screens, just a seamless, in-portal experience that empowers you to give your customers what they need, much faster.

Here's what one Pax8 and ConnectWise partner says about this supercharged integration:

"The ability to connect into my PSA is fantastic. Other distributors don't focus on that fluidity. My team loves that we can update our license and agreement with a couple clicks. It is things like this that make Pax8 different. They care about the details and make our experience seamless." - Gravity Networks

Disrupting Distribution

Pax8 is committed to helping Managed Service Providers (MSPs) thrive in the cloud. We achieve this by delivering real value that includes an automated quote-to-cash platform, free marketing resources, high margins, and the most disruptive cloud technologies available today.

Taking our ConnectWise integration to the next level was a no-brainer. Thousands of our partners use ConnectWise, and we want their experience to be fast and seamless regardless of which platform they prefer to run their business on.

Surprisingly, even though ConnectWise has been around for more than a decade and attracted 100,000+ users, Pax8 is currently the only distributor to fully integrate with the ConnectWise platform. This is just another way we're proving our dedication to MSP success—doing what no distributor has dared do before.

Value You Can Bank On

Pax8 enables MSPs to buy, sell, automate, and configure solutions and services through our marketplace faster and more efficiently than any other distributor.

As an award-winning cloud distributor, Pax8 is well-equipped to deliver the support and experience MSPs are seeking when purchasing cloud products and services for their customers.

Because of the technology powering the cloud marketplace, Pax8 can offer the deepest integration and fastest automated provisioning. This provides the flexibility and scale MSPs need to succeed.

Looking Ahead

Who you partner with in the cloud matters. This space is evolving quickly, and if you don't have partners that can help you pivot and reimagine your offering as market needs change, you could miss out on lucrative opportunities.

At Pax8, we're always looking ahead, determining how we can continue to invest in the success of our MSP partners today and far into the future.

The full integration with ConnectWise is just one of many steps Pax8 has taken to make it easier for MSPs to conduct business in the cloud.

We don't just want to enable business in the cloud, we want to help our clients build the strongest solutions and make the most money. More than just a distributor, we like to see ourselves as a Cloud Wingman, set on the mission of helping MSPs navigate their way to higher profits.

Pax8 enables partners to perform better, accelerate their business, and prepare for future innovations. To join our top gun partner program, enlist today.